About this blog

The Conflict&Fragility blog provides a platform for analysis, commentary, and exchange on developments concerning conflict and fragility in general, and developments in Somalia more particularly. Occasionally, it may also feature some analysis that stretch beyond the Horn of Africa, looking at other crises in Africa and the international community’s response thereto. Thereby, the blog aims to combine academic theorizing with public policy analysis. Moreover, Conflict&Fragility hopes to engage readers in discussions about these issues, and seeks to provide students, researchers, and policymakers with resources and food for thought on said topics.

Conflict and fragility, with their implications for national development and international security, are among today’s most pressing global public policy challenges. Although long neglected in the face of other global challenges, the paradigmatic ‘failed state’ of Somalia has received increasing attention by the international community in recent years. Analyzing Somalia’s state trajectory from different perspectives, and linking it to conceptual debates on conflict, fragility, and development is crucial, if wanting to adequately respond to the emerging challenges it faces.

Consequently, some of my writing – such as my assessment of the 2014 presidential election in Puntland – focuses on current developments in Somalia and their implications for its state-making endeavour. Other contributions – such as the post on The Wars in the North and the Creation of Somaliland – are geared toward providing some historical background and context that I deem important to understand in order to situate more recent developments in the bigger picture. Again others engage with the international community’s approaches to state reconstruction in Somalia (see e.g. the blurb on the ‘New Deal’ for Somalia), or broader conceptual debates on state-making (see e.g. the ‘Failed States’ and ‘Failed Policies’ post).

In case you are similarly interested in developments pertaining to conflict and fragility in general, and Somalia in particular, sign up to my blog and get engaged. Please feel invited to leave comments and respond to any posts or my blog in its entirety. I hope Conflict&Fragility contributes to a fruitful exchange of information and thoughts, and provides a platform for critical analysis and innovative ideas.

Disclaimer: Although some of the thoughts expressed here may be related to current themes I encounter at work, the views expressed here are not to be attributed to either organizations I have been working for or funding bodies that have sponsored my work – all views expressed are strictly my own.


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